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Schaffer MMA's kickboxing style stands out as a truly unique and innovative approach in the world of combat sports. What sets this method apart from the rest is its distinctive fusion of various martial arts, meticulously crafted to counter and outperform all other forms of kickboxing. This amalgamation draws upon the strengths of Muay Thai, Dutch kickboxing, and traditional arts like Kung Fu to create a striking system that is unparalleled in its effectiveness.

The Fusion of Mastery

At its core, Schaffer MMA's kickboxing is a carefully curated blend of the world's most effective striking arts. Muay Thai, known for its ruthless efficiency in using elbows, knees, and clinches, provides a formidable foundation. Dutch kickboxing contributes its fast-paced, heavy-hitting combinations and exceptional footwork. These elements combined make for an explosive and adaptable striking system.

But what truly sets Schaffer MMA's style apart is the incorporation of traditional martial arts such as Kung Fu. The inclusion of Kung Fu techniques brings a level of finesse and unpredictability to the game. These techniques, often overlooked in contemporary kickboxing, add a layer of strategy and unorthodox movements that leave opponents guessing and off-balance.

Proven Success

Schaffer MMA's kickboxing style is not just a theoretical blend of martial arts; it's a methodology that has been proven to work in the highest levels of competition. With five current titles in kickboxing, Schaffer MMA demonstrates its effectiveness in the ring. These victories speak volumes about the effectiveness of their approach.

Furthermore, Schaffer MMA's commitment to excellence is reinforced by its coaches who have competed in the ISKA (International Sport Karate Association) world tournament, proudly representing the United States. Their participation in such prestigious global events underscores the global recognition and respect garnered by Schaffer MMA's unique approach to kickboxing.

Adapting to Evolving Challenges

In the ever-evolving world of kickboxing, adaptability is paramount. Schaffer MMA's approach excels in this aspect as well. By drawing upon various martial arts, the system is inherently versatile and capable of adapting to the changing landscape of combat sports. It equips students with an extensive toolbox of striking techniques that can be tailored to overcome specific opponents' strengths and exploit their weaknesses.

In conclusion, Schaffer MMA's kickboxing style is a true testament to the power of innovation in the world of martial arts. By seamlessly blending Muay Thai, Dutch kickboxing, and traditional arts like Kung Fu, this unique approach has proven itself on the grandest stages. With an impressive track record of titles and coaches competing at the world level, Schaffer MMA's kickboxing is an approach that can truly be considered a game-changer in the realm of combat sports.

What Makes Our Striking Different?

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