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Massive Attack Singles 9098 Box

Woa. I don't think I've ever seen one of these on eBay, sure the CD box set version comes up now and again, but this is the quite literally massive Massive Attack: Singles Collection 12" Vinyl box set. It's huge, weighs 3.2kg and is mint still sealed and shrinkwrapped, unopened and as new! It has special heat sensitive packaging which changes colour when you touch it (see my handprint in the photo), or if the room gets really warm.It's a really lovely package, each one is individually numbered, mine is # 2247.It contains (when the lucky winner open's it for the first time - if they dare) no less than 11 x 12" singles. Check for the full track listing, needless to say all the biggies are in there.Please don't hesitate to send me any questions.Because this is so heavy it's going to be expensive to post - 12 for standard Recorded delivery in the UK, but I'd recommend Special Delivery. A winning overseas bidder will have to contact me to arrange a courier service - you are looking at 30-40 for Europe and 50+ for USA / Japan. The expensive postage is down to the sheer weight of the package, I will only charge my cost + 1GBP for packaging materials. Or you could arrange your own courier, or collect personally free of charge.I always pack very carefully with shrinkwrap and stiff corrugated card board mailers. I usually mail items the day after payment is received.Good luck with your bidding! I reserve the right to relist if the item is not paid for within 4 days of auction close. Bidders with feedback

Massive Attack Singles 9098 Box

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