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The Guardian Angels Our Heavenly Companions Free Download

God lovingly gives us each a heavenly companion for our journeys here on Earth, a guardian angel to be with us always. Our Angel is holding a cross and rosary, reminders of Jesus and His Blessed Mother.

The Guardian Angels Our Heavenly Companions Free Download

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Ángelos - "messengers" - is an ancient Greek word from which our modern "angel" derives. The angels are often depicted as messengers of the Almighty in the Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible and the Koran, and this has always been their first function (messengers, envoys). The traditional christian belief is that we all have a guardian angel that cares us about physical, moral and spiritual dangers, and intercedes for us when faced with the Almighty.

Although many consultations occur on a patient only, there are often other with companions. Angels are not seen; the family doctor may not "see" the companion. But it is important that the doctor is alert and aware of the "guardian angel" of each patient. He may appear in different ways, and his presence can be felt more or less clearly, but constantly being given messages in the interview, and thus becomes a triad. It is important that when our patient passes into the office, we use a few seconds to observe the companion. He will tell us much information. Even though we do not know what he has transmitted. Thus, an important feature of family medicine is taken into account the companion. A second adult -usually parents or husband or wifeaccompanying the patient consultation is always significant and deserves the attention of the doctor [4,5].

It is known that the guardian angels have several tasks: guide us, give us protection, inspiration, company, give advice, intercede for us, clarify our intellect, so that we can better grasp the truth, assist us in disease, etc. Similarly, the companions of patients, those guardian angels, have several functions: give information on the severity of the disease, prevent anxiety, build trust, promote the production of more information about the patient, family and context, helps family dialogue, aid to decision-making, improves satisfaction, implies a value as carers of the sick, provides support, and improves patient health outcomes. These positive effects appear to be particularly valuables for older people who are usually perceived as more vulnerable, the sickest, the oldest and those with less education [4].

Although most angels are "good", there are rebel angels that were cast out of heaven with Lucifer. Thus, the companion can be an ally if we need him, or it may be "a problem." There are aggressive companions. And there are affectionate companions. The triadic communication in medical encounters can be useful, but it is difficult [8]. With the experience the doctor can become familiar with them and can use them for the benefit of achieving a "good practice."

How the companion communicates with the doctor and patient? As the guardian angels, companions can differ greatly in their participation [9], and they can choose different ways to communicate and give messages with the family physician. It is important that the doctor be careful and be aware that each companion is seeking ways to make their presence felt, and is constantly giving messages. The companions can speak loudly with loud and powerful voice- when they believe that the doctor needs to know unequivocally something important about the patient, or have a special message to give to the doctor. The companion can talk quietly gently, like a whisper, or through non-verbal communication [10]. These messages are usually strong and clear, despite the silence in the consultation. The companion can speak through indirect messages: suddenly his eyes rest on an object, or are open when a certain word is spoken in the interview, or there is a smile at any given time; the doctor immediately feels it's a message or a reply. Also, the companion can talk to the doctor through their patterns of behaviour over time.

f) Two companions for one patient or one companion with two patients: as with angels, where it is extremely rare to find a painting with two adults angels, it is rare that occurs two or more companions with the same patient or a companion for two different patients -for example, his mother and daughter-, but it happens sometimes!

The guidebook provides the angel assignments, your Soul Guardian (hour of birth), Moral Guardian (month and day of birth), and Physical Guardian (calendar period/season of birth). You can then use those particular calling cards from the deck plus the evocation instructions in the guidebook to work with your three guardian angels.

Each of us has a guardian angel who watches over us. This day celebrates our protectors and they pray for us. They know us well and are aware of what tempts us. They see how we use our gifts. Our angels can help us grow closer to God.

This traditional prayer is something we teach young children, but it is a wonderful prayer for Christians of all ages. Praying it connects us with our guardian angel who is always with us, watching over us. Guardian angels can help us focus in meditation, guide us, and guard us from evil.

Many people around the world believe in guardian angels. Some think that each person is assigned a single angel to watch over them. Others believe each person has two angels, one for the day and one for the night. While the idea of contacting them is controversial, some believe your angels can be contacted directly through meditation and prayer.[1]XResearch source[2]XResearch source Keep in mind that contacting your guardian angel is a personal spiritual experience that may vary based on your faith, so these techniques might not work for everyone.

Our guardian angels are comparable to the breath of air that cools us, and yet we only feel the cooling; to the ray of sunlight that dazzles the world with color, yet we only notice the hues. How many of our good thoughts and holy inspirations come from our guardian angels? Surely far more than we can count.

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