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Scritti Politti Songs To Remember Rar !!BETTER!!

Product DescriptionThis notable and influential trio from Leeds splashed onto the UK pop scene around the 1979 release of their "4 A-Sides" and "Works in Progress" EPs (St. Pancras/Rough Trade) - a body of work oft-forgotten considering the more sizable success of '82's "Songs to Remember". When the three, singer/guitarist Green Gartside, Tom Morley (drums/drum machines) and Nial Jinks (bass) sailed further into the sea of UK blue-eyed soul. Most of the material that you will relish here on "Early" are pulled from the aforementioned EPs when the band lived together in a squat in Camden Town and their sound was markedly angular, somewhat minimalist and perhaps youthfully rugged and experimental - qualities they then shared with contemporaries like Wire and Gang of Four."Seems like it's always been hip to be politically liberal. But Green Gartside's erudition and wit set him above the knee-jerk hordes, making this Scritti Politti compilation revolutionary in every sense. Gentler than punk, sparer than new wave, quirkier than dub, and far more intelligent than campus sloganeering, when you hear this eccentric release you will forgive Scritti Politti for succumbing to the lure of commercialism. ""This release is so long overdue. Scritti Politti, to me, encompass everything that was right and good about 'post-punk' in the UK at the time - the DIY ethic, exemplified by the hand-stamped labels on the first Peel session release, and the detailed sleeve notes regarding the 'means of production'. A fine and unique voice has Mr Gartside, and also a genius for improvised tunes, and innovative production tricks on a shoestring. I love this band like no other, and I glory in their intelligence and musical ability.This scratchy, intense yet spare music, nodding at dub reggae, nodding at punk at such a so fragile, yet it holds together. Lyrically dense, and of course dealing with Marxist themes, related to late '70s Britain - just listen to 'Hegemony'- music, voice, words melded in a unique and intoxicating melange of sonic brilliance. This 'early' Scritti are nothing like the intelligent and uber-slick pure-and-perfect-pop of later Scritti, and all the better for that.I own all the songs included here on the original vinyl, they are rare apparently, so it's a shame it seems to me that Rough Trade couldn't source and include the second Peel session which featured 'The Humours of Spitalfields', 'Knowledge and Interest', a different version of 'Doubt Beat' (as featured on the 4 'A' sides ep) and '5.12.78' a new version of the instrumental featured on the Skank Bloc Bologna ep. It would have completed the collection. I wonder if this second session was ever released?"OK ! Here is also the second Peel Session for you but the third is still missing unfortunatelyPEEL SESSIONS05/12/1978 (first)Producer - Tony WilsonEngineer - Mike RobinsonStudio - Maida Vale 4TRACKLIST The Humours Of SpitalfieldsKnowledge And InterestDoubt Beat5/12/78'LINE UPGreen (Guitar)Tom (Drums)Nial (Bass)20/06/1979 (second)Producer - John SparrowEngineer - Nick GommStudio - Maida Vale 4TRACKLIST MesstheticsHegemonyScritt Locks DoorThe New OneLINE UPGreen (Guitar)Tom (Drums)Nial (Bass)Link to download for EARLY and PEEL SESSIONS : _politti-early___peel_session_1-2.rar.htmlabout the band:The name Scritti Politti was chosen as a homage to the Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci: The name is generally understood to refer to Gramsci's political writings (although a more correct translation of this from the Italian would have produced "Scritti Politici").Along with Green Gartside, the band's early line-up included Matthew Kay (keyboards, manager), Tom Morley (drums) and Nial Jinks (bass) who left in 1980. The primary line-up of the band (1983-1989) consisted of Gartside (vocals), David Gamson (co-songwriter/keyboards/programming), and Fred Maher (drums/drum programming).Formed in 1978 in Leeds, England, Scritti Politti is primarily a musical vehicle for singer-songwriter Green Gartside (real name Paul Julian Strohmeyer) (b. 22 June 1955, Cardiff, Wales). Initially a left-wing-inspired post-punk British rock group, Scritti Politti developed into a more mainstream pop music project in the early to mid-1980s, enjoying significant success in the music charts in the U.K. and U.S. The group's most successful album, 1985's Cupid & Psyche '85, was innovative in its early use of the techniques of sampling and MIDI sequencing and produced hit singles including The Word Girl, Wood Beez and Absolute. Following this period of fame, Gartside became disillusioned with the music industry and retired to the South Wales of his childhood for nearly a decade. He returned to music-making in the late 1990s, releasing two critically-acclaimed albums in 1999 and 2006.Gartside is known for his distinctive falsetto vocals; he was described by one critic as having "a voice that's eternally 14 years old".Albums"Songs To Remember" (1982) UK #12"Cupid & Psyche '85" (1985) UK #5"Provision" (1988) UK #8"Anomie & Bonhomie" (1999) UK #33"Early" (2005) (retrospective containing earliest singles)"White Bread, Black Beer" (2006)

scritti politti songs to remember rar

Scritti Politti went on to be a chart success on both sides of the Atlantic a few years later when they left the Rough Trade label and signed for Virgin Records. But these later works of art, while pleasant enough in their own right, never appealed as much as the songs to remember from 1981.

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